Anyone who falls victim to a break in find the whole experience incredibly stressful and traumatic. Even after the whole ordeal is over and things are returning to normal the trauma of the experience carries on. This is why we have put together a helpful guide to help you prevent this from ever happening to you by improving your front door security.

Lock Upgrades

This may seem obvious, but in actual fact you would be surprised at how many people overlook this simple home security measure. By ensuring that your locks are not old, vulnerable or low quality can massively improve on your overall front door security. By simply making sure that your new locks meet or exceed BS3621 you can guarantee that you have a secure high-quality lock on your front door as well as the added piece of mind that your lock is insurance approved. There are millions of properties throughout the UK that currently have locks installed that do not meet the British Standard (BS6321). Not only does this mean that their property is more vulnerable to a break in but if they do fall victim to a break in they will not be covered by their insurance policy meaning they will not likely get payed out for any claims made.

Door And Door Frame Strength

Wooden doors are often easily forced open by burglars with a couple of good kicks, so even if you have to most high end and secure locks it is practically useless if your frame is weak or unsecured! If you have a wooden door it can be reinforced by installing a strike plate. This is a metal plate which is attached by drilling long screws into the studs. This are widely available to the public either in hardware shops or online. However, if you are not confident in installing one of these yourself then you can contact Lock It Security and we will happily come and install it properly for you. As well as this you should also ensure that your door frame is tightly screwed down as this will also improve the overall security of your front door. You can also secure your doors hinges with hinge bolts. These are specifically designed to stop would be burglars from forcing the door off its hinges.

Install A Deadbolt

By having a deadbolt installed on your front door you will significantly increase the overall security of your property. When installing a deadbolt, it is important to make sure that the blot extends deep into the door frame as this is what will stop the door coming off the frame if anyone tries to force it. There are a huge range of deadbolts to choose from all of which vary in level of protection. If you wish to know more about deadbolts or are interested in having one installed, then contact Lock It Security and we will be happy to help.

If you are looking to improve your front door security or would like to find out how you can improve the overall security of your home or business, then contact Lock It Security today on 02380 453 539 or 07887 407 319