Imagine it being a dark and stormy night and you dash outside to put the bins out, the front door slams shut behind you Oh no! I’m locked out!

If you’re locked out of your home, you will most certainly need a locksmith. As you search online, you’ll probably see multiple ads that appear to be for local businesses. In reality, some will actually connect you to call centres in another city.

Operators in the far-off call centres may give surprisingly low estimates and dispatch poorly trained locksmiths. When the locksmiths show up, they say the job will cost much more than the estimate you were quoted and they insist you pay with cash. They hope you’ll be desperate enough to pay.

These tips can help you find a reliable local locksmith. To start, before you hire anyone:

  • Call and confirm the business name, address and total cost estimate for the job
  • Get details about the locksmith’s guarantees and insurances
  • When the locksmith arrives, verify the information you got on the phone.

One more idea – consider finding a locksmith now, before you need one. Keep the company name and number in your phone or wallet… just in case.

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