When you realise you have been burgled it is a very daunting, emotional and quite often scary experience. With this said it is important that you try and stay calm and focused so that you can take the necessary steps to get things sorted and back to normal. Below, Lock It Security have put together a helpful guide of what you should do if you fall victim to a break in.

Call The Police – This may seem obvious, however it is important that you call the police as soon as you discover the break in, as there may be vital evidence that can help the police find the culprit and you belongings. Once you have called the crime in then you will be provided with a unique crime reference number, make note of this number as you will need to provide this to your insurance company to make a claim.

Don’t Touch Anything – While waiting for the police it is important to not touch or move anything as you could destroy evidence that could lead to the arrest of the thief and the potential return of your belongings.

List Your Positions – When the police arrive, go around your property and make a list of stolen and damaged goods. You will also need to provide this list to your insurance company. Try to be as thorough as possible, list, distinctive marks, serial numbers, and estimated value of goods wherever possible.

Contact Your Bank – As soon as you get chance contact your bank to inform them that you have had a break in. They can check your account for suspicious activity and cancel credit and debit cards. Even if your cards haven’t been taken the robber could have written card details down or found sensitive documents that could allow them to make online purchases.

Contact Your Insurance Provider – Call your insurance provider within 24 hours of the burglary and provide all necessary information needed to process your claim. Insurance companies will always need your unique crime reference number and a full list of all stolen and damaged goods.

Secure Your Property – When the police have finished at your property and they give you the okay then you can start to clean up and get things back in order, this includes repairing any broken windows, doors or locks so that your home can be secure once again. It is also worth considering improving your home security to prevent future break ins. Any good local locksmith will be able to advise you on what’s best to help secure your home and carry out necessary upgrades to make you feel safe and secure in your home.

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