Project Description


A client had just moved over from Spain into this lovely house in Locks Heath. I was called upon to change the locks, as you always should when moving into a new home. People sometimes just change their front door lock, but you should get all exterior locks changed as pet sitters, grandparents, neighbours and previous owners will often have a back door key for entry purposes and you don’t want to find these have fallen into the wrong hands!

This client also wanted to make their garden more secure, as the back gate exits onto a secluded path running down the back of the property. I was asked to add a lock to the shed and a lock that could be opened from both sides on the back gate.
I fitted a double locking long throw gate lock to the wooden garden gate and supplied 5 keys. This lock is perfect for garden gate security as it is:

  • designed for double or single gates
  • operates by key from both sides of the gate
  • has a high-security 6-pin lock barrel
  • the bolt is manufactured from 316 stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance

The final job was a uPVC window that wouldn’t open and close smoothly due to faulty hinges. I replaced the hinges and left the window working perfectly.

The client was very pleased with all the new locks and uPVC window repair. She was recommended to me by word of mouth and has promised to recommend me on to others, which is truly the best praise for a local locksmith like myself!

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