The most common reason for people needing the services of a locksmith is because they are locked out of their property, and when a locksmith arrives at your property more often than not the method they will use to gain entry to your property is lock picking. When picking a lock tools are used to manipulate the components within the lock allowing it to open without the use of a key. The reason this is commonly used by locksmiths it that when done correctly it is a non-destructive method of gaining entry to a property in which the owner has lost or broken a key.

Lock picking to gain entry has been used since locks themselves have been in use. The earliest locks used only relied on wards until 1778 when Barrons invented the double acting tumbler. Generally, a skeleton key was used to open a warded lock. Skeleton keys were designed to pass the wards within a lock. After Robert Barron patented the double acting movable detainer to all modern locks the process of lock picking arose.

The process of lock picking involved using two tools, one to apply pressure while the other is used to move the teeth that are prevention the bolt from moving. This is possible due to slight variations in the size, shape and alignment of the components. Different locks may require different methods of lock picking.

Lock Picking Methods

As there is not only one way to pick a lock each locksmith will have their own method that best suits them to open the lock and gain entry to a property. The most common methods used are:

Single Component Picking – This method focuses on the irregularities of each individual pin to determine the position and order of each component. A hook shaped pick is used in this method.

Raking – This method focuses on varying the components of the lock to imitate a range of key depths. The picks that are used in this method are specially designed to manipulate most, if not all of the components within the lock. These picks are known as rakes.

Comb Picks – A pin-tumbler pick designed to move all the pins out of their blocking position is used in this method. It works by pushing the pins into the cylinder chambers allowing the plug to turn freely.

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