Home security is not always on our minds as busy lifestyles tend to take over its easy to let things slide. However, it is beneficial to take the time to make sure your home security is up to scratch as it could save you heartache and stress in the future. Your front door locks are a good place to start as they are your main defence against a burglary.

Repair or Replace?

It is a common dilemma making the decision whether to repair or replace a damaged or worn lock. There are a number of reasons your locks may not be quite up to standard, ranging from natural wear and tear to intentional damage. So, should you repair or replace the lock? In order to make this decision it is important to understand the different types of locks and their purpose.

The Right Locks

With so many locks out there to choose from it is important that the lock you choose suits your needs. Those of you that are tech savvy may want to go down the more modern root of smart locks and keyless entry systems. This said the most common types of locks are double or single bolt cylinder deadbolts. Whatever lock you choose it is important to make sure it is insurance approved and anti-snap so that your home is better protected against burglars.


In todays society it is becoming more and more necessary to protect your personal belongings. Some of the problems you are having with your locks may be resolved by something as simple as replacing the key, whereas in cases of a broken lock due to a break-in or attempted break-in then it is highly recommended that you change the whole lock as soon as possible. With damaged locks it is best to get them looked at by a professional, so they can see exactly what is going on and help you make your decision on what your best options are.

Peace of Mind

All this said, the decision really comes down to personal preference, some people are happy with the knowledge that the lock has been successfully repaired and is back in good working order, and others require that extra piece of mind that comes with having the locks completely replaced with brand new secure locks. Whatever you decide to do it is always best to get a professional locksmith to help you with your locks. Repairing or replacing a lock may seem straight forward but it requires a lot of skill and improperly installed locks can have a huge impact on your overall home security, so its best left to the professionals.

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